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Restaurant Lifestyle Asia is a F&B and lifestyle company that creates and builds a portfolio of timeless culinary concepts for all. Each concept is distinctive by its character, providing impeccable service and exquisite dining experiences for anyone seeking a different treat.


With a family of young and vibrant individuals committed to bringing a well-thought array of concepts to life, Restaurant Lifestyle Asia strives to be a maker of good memories to everyone around us.


From casual dining to fine dining, Restaurant Lifestyle Asia has something for everyone. Each of our culinary concepts are thoughtfully designed with our patrons in mind, and accompanied with tailored interior designs to provide character and ambience unique to our spaces. 


Relish in the joy of shared meals with your friends and families, taste the flavours that gratifies your palates, and experience the warm and convivial hospitality service with us.

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Besides creating memorable dining concepts, Restaurant Lifestyle Asia  has professional expertise in restaurant consultancy. We help partners add value to their real estate by managing the restaurant projects from ideation phase to execution.


Interested to be a part of the family?