Concept Development

We subscribe to two rules when creating successful restaurant concepts: “Find a gap and fill the gap” and “Be focused & stay focused” A successful concept always start with a Concept Philosophy that addresses these two rules and determines the persona of the restaurant. We believe in spending time with our partners to better understand their personalities, as well as viewing the physical space vis a vis its environs, before crafting a concept that reflects the needs and values of the owners. We believe in creating restaurants with soul and identity.

Brand Development

Just as architects create homes and not houses, we see ourselves as creating a complete product- from the Concept Philosophy down right to the brand identity so that the oeuvre of our Concept Philosophy engages with our customers at every touch point of the restaurant. Based on the persona created for the restaurant, we also create logos and the primary collaterals with the right font, colors and materials that we feel tell the story of the concept. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like; design is how it works.

Menu Development

Of the many elements that make up the “ecosystem” of a successful restaurant, the most important tangible factor is the right mix of food and drinks, at the right price. Working together with our Consultant Chef or the partner’s appointed Head Chef, we help our partners in putting together a menu with the right product mix, at the right prices whilst reflecting our passion for good food. We only want to put on the table what we ourselves enjoy eating.

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